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Experience prototyping builds better products

Let people believe in your wild ideas by experiencing them first hand. It gives you the gut feeling to say yes, something a specification or product render can never achieve.

Fascinating talks at Interaction 20

A summary of all the amazing, curious and challenging things I discovered at #IXDA Interaction 20 in Milan.

Designing Trust into Connected Devices

Disconnected products are looking increasingly scarce. How can we apply user centered data collection to respect privacy and increase trust?

Think outside the screen

Nobody likes stroking a pane of glass, so why do we love touchscreens so much? Let's build distributed interfaces that work.

Designing for 250kph

From the stage of Ars Electronica 2018, a look at the unique challenges of designing interfaces for the fastest vehicles on the roads.

How to get a job at KISKA

Fancy working at KISKA in Salzburg? Interview with Tobias van Schneider for DESK magazine

TEDx: Hi-tech Mountaineering

How Google Earth and Soviet cartographers are enabling a new era of mountaineering exploration