I'm a design engineer at heart.
Curious about how things work and how they are made.

Based in Salzurg, Austria, I work as a Senior Creative Technologist at KISKA. I help brands to build and deliver complex connected products, bringing to life visions of the future with hardware, software, electro-mechanical design and digital technology (occasionally abbreviated to magic).

The best engineer is the one having the most fun.

2018 / 09Motorbikes

Designing for 250kph

2018 / 07Orientation

AHRS, calibration and quaternions

2017 / 11Manufacturing

Learning DFMA from an old rotary dial telephone

UVX R-1 (2017)
The DEN (2016)
Mountaineering and technology (2013)
E-tracers Project, Greenland (2011)
Skid-steer vehicle design (2006)
Gestural interface for 3D CAD (2012)