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I'm a mechanical engineer at heart.
Curious about how things work and how they are made.

But my interests are much broader: interface design, additive manufacturing, cryptography, geospatial data and connected technologies, amongst others. I am most comfortable where engineering disciplines intersect, looking at the hard problems of interfacing design, data, science and manufacturing. My work has varied from deploying electronic beacons into the Greenland icesheet, analysing the subtle interactions between dust particles and fluid flow in a micro-molded value system or building a gesture control system to reconfigure a living space.

The best engineer is the one having the most fun.

Mountaineering and technology (2013)
Skid-steer vehicle design (2006)
E-tracers Project, Greenland (2011)
The DEN (2016)
Gestural interface for 3D CAD (2012)